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For my last blog post I thought I might do a little wrap up and give deep, meaningful and quite probably thumb-sucked predictions for the future of open source blah, blah, blah. BUT THEN! Google popped up with a ‘surprise’. It’s very own OS browser. And since they are now one step closer to world domination, and therefore one (GIANT) step closer to running the world of open source (a painful contradiction) this could still be considered a look at the future of open source.

But back to the Chrome-ster.

And oh the scandalous geek drama that accompanied it! A feast for any development follower. First there were the long circulating rumours about a Google browser. As the ever-faithful explained it “A Google browser has been rumoured for so long that most people have stopped talking about it.”

Then, lo and behold, out of the blue came the ‘accidentally’ released cartoon about the browser. Then the announcement by Google that Chrome was going to be released the next day. Then it’s release in over 100 countries. Then the accusations about wobbly Terms of Service by Slashdot which was then explained and rectified by Google. I mean, with all this complexity and changing, the browser has received so much attention that users don’t even have to try it to know all about it.

I personally have advocated Google’s support of open source in the past. But Chrome has definitely made me rethink a little of my Google-enthusiasm… were they just being nice to open sourcers to weaken their rival Microsoft so that they could eventually go in for the kill?? (Which they probably didn’t even achieve this time round)

But on the positive side, it has been seen in the past that when Google does something, they do it well. So I am keen to keep an eye on the developments and refining of Chrome. And yes, even if it is owned by a giant, it is still open source which means it can be adapted and stuff.

Matthew Buckland posted a succinct summary of pros and cons of the features of the browser here.


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